Opinions of German people about the TTIP

Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, TTIP — a planned agreement about free trade between the European Union and USA. Its supporters presume that the agreement will cause the multilateral economic growth, while those in opposition state that it will cause the increase in large corporations power and will complicate the governmental market regulation for the sake of the entire country. The Partnership was thought to be enacted in 2014, but it was suspended until 2015. On January 7th , 2015,  the European Commission  have presented its negotiation texts to the public. The European Commission have started public consultations on a limited number of questions and published the short review of this document in January, 2015.

A research made by the Prognosis Media analytical center have shown the negative opinion of German social media users towards the TTIP initiative:

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V. Putin’s speech at UN: no one stayed indifferent

September 28, 2015. In New York (USA) on the anniversary of the 70th general assembly of the UN, the leaders of leading world superpowers – B.Obama (USA), V.Putin (Russia), Xi Jinping (China) made their speeches. Prognosismedia analysts had measured  the sentiment of messages written by social media users in different countries towards, perhaps, the most anticipated speech – the one of the president Russian Federation – V.Putin. The primary motives of social media users opinion about the speech can be described in 3 words  – admiration, respect, cautiousness.

Russia: positive and supportive 69%, negative 31%;
USA: amazement 41%, negative and fearful 59%;
Germany: positive 65%, negative and distrustful 35%.
Turkey: support 63%, negative and distrust 37%.


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Who counts our opinions?

usa-rusAmerican research structure Pew Research conducted yet another research, named “Russia, Putin Held in Low Regard around the World. Russia’s Image Trails U.S. across All Regions”:

“In only two nations – Vietnam (70%) and China (54%) – do more than half the public have confidence in Russian President Vladimir Putin to do the right thing in world affairs.  Among the 39 nations surveyed outside of Russia, a median of just 24%.Putin’s Image Even Worse than That of Russia. A median of 58% around the world hold a negative opinion about Putin.”

Research description tells, that each country is represented by only 1.000 people and with an inaccuracy around 3-4%.
Just try to imagine, you are hurrying down the street to be in time for a date with your lovely girlfriend, and “Wham!”, someone stops or calls you and starts to ask your opinion about Obama or Putin…

Such surveys have always caused many questions from the press, customers and people but, until recently, there were only a few other “measuring devices”. Now there are – social media, comments to posts and articles, blogs, forums, video, that accumulate opinions of billions of people around the world.

Analysts from Prognosis Media analyzed the opinion data of 243.904 people from 109 world countries, expressed in 2 days towards the USA, Obama, Russia and Putin. Some data for the German-speaking authors (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) can be seen below:

  • Obama’s actions were taken positively by only 32,61% of German-speaking authors from Europe. Negative-minded authors make up 67,39% of the overall amount.
  • At the same time, 75,72% of authors are positive towards Putin, while only 24,28% of authors are negative.



According to the Pew, only 23% of Germans are positive towards Putin and 76% are negative. 1000 respondents – who are they? The conclusion is obvious.

Geostrategic foreign policy advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski, who is influential and authoritative in the USA, said:
“The fact is, that the Western Europe and, mostly, Central Europe remain, on the most part, an American protectorate, like the vassals and tribute states of old.” American company Pew Research has the same approach. A wrong one. In the age of public opinion expression for people. For any of us.

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Elections in France and USA in 2012

France. May 2012.

During the president elections, we analyzed the whole message stream in social media and using our self-developed methodology made an elections outcome forecast.

Analysis base: amount of unique social media authors who shared their opinions about the candidates — 103 thousands

Forecast Results Variance
  Hollande 52,6 51,6 1,0
  Sarkozy 47,4 48,4 -1,0

USA. November 2012.

As a first experience, those results exceeded all our expectations and elections in USA became our next target. Analysis base: amount of unique social media authors who shared their opinions about the candidates — 5.7 mln. Given the features of USA electoral system, our starting objective was to forecast the result based on the electors ratio.

Forecast Results
(by the electors ratio)
  Obama 60.4 59.5 0.9
  Romney 39.6 40.5 -0.9

Of course, those inside experiments, other than giving us an ability to accurately define the actual priorities of modern social opinion study development, also gave a solid base for further work directed at creating the new scientific apparatus for analyzing the new reality before us.