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France-2017: start

Long elections, long forecast

In 3 years of analyzing social media for forecasting the people’s will and monitoring the situation development in different regions of the world we usually worked with hours, days, rarely — weeks — until the «hour X».

Now we decided to use our solutions and analytical methods for a long-term important event — elections in France, that will happen in spring, 2017.

Data for May 2015 (May 23-25):

  • Mentions of politicians: 41 948
  • Unique authors from France: 16 755




Active negative sentiment towards Hollande was detected in social media for example a tweet (and publication) of LeParisien: «Présidentielle : 77% des Français ne souhaitent pas que Hollande se représente

(«Presidential ellections: 77% of French do not support Hollande») was «supported» in social networks by more than 2 thousands people and caused an active discussion— more than 400 comments have negative sentiment towards the politician’s actions.

The most popular (quoted) «political» tweet is a musical remark by LauraMounsi__ — 660 retweets:

(«Rihanna had Obama in her music video, but I cannot imagine that someone from top french celebrities used an image of Hollande for his/her music video»)


Elections in France and USA in 2012

France. May 2012.

During the president elections, we analyzed the whole message stream in social media and using our self-developed methodology made an elections outcome forecast.

Analysis base: amount of unique social media authors who shared their opinions about the candidates — 103 thousands

Forecast Results Variance
  Hollande 52,6 51,6 1,0
  Sarkozy 47,4 48,4 -1,0

USA. November 2012.

As a first experience, those results exceeded all our expectations and elections in USA became our next target. Analysis base: amount of unique social media authors who shared their opinions about the candidates — 5.7 mln. Given the features of USA electoral system, our starting objective was to forecast the result based on the electors ratio.

Forecast Results
(by the electors ratio)
  Obama 60.4 59.5 0.9
  Romney 39.6 40.5 -0.9

Of course, those inside experiments, other than giving us an ability to accurately define the actual priorities of modern social opinion study development, also gave a solid base for further work directed at creating the new scientific apparatus for analyzing the new reality before us.