Data from social media

Company “Prognosis Media” presents the functions of a system called Social Data Stream of providing the public text data collected in social networks and mass-media – posts, reposts, tweets, retweets, comments, reviews, etc.

Social Data Stream – is a powerful distributed platform that collects the huge amount of data in different languages from social networks and mass-media in real time, that processes, aggregates and filters it for the following analysis. Data from Social Data Stream is used by companies for brand and product monitoring, conducting social and political researches, discerning brands and tendencies, geolocation and regional researches.

What tasks does Social Data Stream solve

  • Collects data from more than 15 000 sources around the world: largest social networks, forums, blogs, video hosting services. Collection volume: more than 50 million messages per day.
  • Collects data in multiple languages: English, German, Russian, CIS languages.
  • Saturates the stream with metadata: gender, age, audience, geolocation, etc.
  • Transfers data to clients with Stream API, unloading to file if user wishes.
  • Separate data stream for every user. Transfer speed: up to 1000 messages per day.


  • Global social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram,, Google+, Youtube.
  • Regional communities: forums, blogs, reviews.
  • Global and regional media: more than 11 000 sources around the world in different languages.
  • Global and regional products and services data aggregators:,,, Google Play, Apple AppStore.
  • New sources connection: by request.

Data composition

  • Basic data: text, time and date, message type, author.
  • Expanded metadata: more than 50 parameters. Every source has its own set.
  • Message authors data: gender, age, geography, classroom data, etc.
  • Standardized transfer formats: JSON.

Social Data Stream data application

  • Data streams in different languages are used in own researches of Prognosis Media: Opinions about world power leaders (B.Obama, V.Putin), Turkey (elections), France (elections), Greece (referendum), etc.
  • Russian-language data stream is used by a leading Russian agency of brand monitoring, whose clients are leading companies in Russia and the world.

How data collection works



Data delivery request

Data delivery request are processed at