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Extent of Russian users support of a military response to Turkey.

At November 24, 2015, Turkish air forces have shot down a Su-24 of Russian Space Forces, which was a part of ongoing Russian military operation in Syria. One of the pilots died, the other one had been saved by spetznaz and safely returned to Russia. The Turkish side was denying its part in the incident and refused to apologize to Russia, but after a while, the president and the prime minister of Turkey confirmed an attack of Turkish fighters on a Russian bomber and stated that the incident was regretful.

A research, conducted by the Prognosis Media, analytics center have revealed a sharp and strong reaction for an attack on a Russian plane. The public reaction for the incident was definitely negative, seeing it as an act of aggression against Russia. But opinions about the necessity of a similar response are varying. Continue reading

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The Turkish gambit

On June 7 in Turkey the parliamentary elections took place. For the first time in 13 years, a ruling party of the current president Erdogan («Justice and Development Party» — AK Parti) is at risk of losing the monopoly of the right to rule and create a coalition.

The troublemaker is recently-founded «People’s Democratic Party» (HDP — «Halkların Demokratik Partisi»), that was founded following the advice of the imprisoned leader of «Kurdistab Workers’ Party» of Abdullah Ocalan. If more than 10% electors will vote for HDP, it will gurantee them a seat in the Parliament.
HDP’s target is to take away the votes from «Republican People’s Party» (CHP — Cumhuriyet Halk Partisi) – a strongest opposition party of last years. Many electors voted not «for» CHP, but «against» AK Parti». With the appearance of HDP, this protesting electorate may find a party to vote for.

According to the latest surveys:

  1.      AK Parti ~44%,
  2.      CHP ~26%,
  3.      MCH (extreme right nationalistic party) ~16%,
  4.      HDP ~10%

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