“Prognosis Media” is a leader in forecast studies in different countries and world regions based on real-time message monitoring and analysis of millions of messages in online media: social networks, blogs, forums, comments to the media publications, personal and community sites.

Analyzing huge amounts of social media messages is impossible without using the modern powerful systems of Smart Big Data (real-time Big Data & Analytics) class, that can process billions of unstructured texts in real-time. For a detailed linguistic analysis of data in different languages, automatic definition of objects and named entities, data geo-binding and other data meta-analysis, we use products of our partners.

“Prognosis Media” was founded in 2015.

Our analysts conducted the first agile sociology research back in the beginning of 2012. During the following years, we developed unique methodologies that were tested for forecasting election results, results of social actions, popular events, discovery of public views of world events in dozens of countries. The “Research” section contains a few results of our public research that was conducted independently, as well as in partnership with different sociological and research organizations.

Contact for questions of partnership and research orders: info@prognosismedia.info