V. Putin’s speech at UN: no one stayed indifferent

September 28, 2015. In New York (USA) on the anniversary of the 70th general assembly of the UN, the leaders of leading world superpowers – B.Obama (USA), V.Putin (Russia), Xi Jinping (China) made their speeches. Prognosismedia analysts had measured  the sentiment of messages written by social media users in different countries towards, perhaps, the most anticipated speech – the one of the president Russian Federation – V.Putin. The primary motives of social media users opinion about the speech can be described in 3 words  – admiration, respect, cautiousness.

Russia: positive and supportive 69%, negative 31%;
USA: amazement 41%, negative and fearful 59%;
Germany: positive 65%, negative and distrustful 35%.
Turkey: support 63%, negative and distrust 37%.


Research results

Research period: September 23rd  – 30th, 2015.

Analyzed: 1 907 886 messages by 577 624 authors.


  • Social networks: 97,2%
  • Mass-media: 2,8%

Main sources:

Social networks:

  • Twitter: 51,2%
  • FaceBook: 19,6%
  • com: 14,2%
  • Odnoklassniki: 2,5%
  • LiveJournal: 2,1%
  • Google+: 1,3%
  • Youtube: 0,7%
  • Others: 8,4%

СМИ (listed share volume of all media, including comments):

  • 8,3%
  • 8,2%
  • 5,2%
  • Yahoo News: 3,1%
  • 1,5%
  • Others: 73,7%


  • Russian: 66,1%
  • English: 16,2%
  • Spanish: 4,3%
  • French: 2,6%
  • German: 2,3%
  • Ukrainian: 1,3%
  • Italian: 0,9%
  • Bulgarian: 0,5%
  • Others: 5,8%


  • Russia: 48,3%
  • Ukraine: 17,5%
  • USA: 9,5%
  • Germany: 3,2%
  • France: 3,1%
  • Great Britain: 1,8%
  • Venezuela: 1,5%
  • Canada: 1,2%
  • Belarus: 1,1%
  • Brazil: 1%
  • Others: 11,8%


  • Younger than 18: 4,8%
  • 18-24: 11,0%
  • 25-34: 25,0%
  • 35-44: 21,4%
  • 45-54: 18,4%
  • 55 and older: 19,5%

In general, the information field about the Russian president, V. Putin in context of 70th UN General Assembly, there are 2 prevailing topics: V. Putin’s speech (78,8% messages) and his «field meeting» with the president of the USA – B. Obama (21,2%).


Russian social media users have mostly took the V. Putin’s speech positively, were comparing it with the speech of the president of the USA B.Obama, feeling prideful for their country’s leader.


When measuring the sentiment of messages written by the users from USA, it would be more accurate to say that they are surprised to see the public appearance of the Russian president and his successes in the field of international politics на поле международной политики, rather than acceptance or support. Negative sentiment and fear before the unknown power are prevailing.


German social media users position is rather not in support of V. Putin (though such opinions are also present), but strongly against the USA. Many users come from the ex-GDR: their anti-Americanism is closely together with antisemitism. Generally, the German audience is on the V. Putin’s side.


Social media users from Turkey mainly support the position of Russia to provide assistance to Syria in its struggle with ISIS, which were stated in the Russian president’s speech, and express respect for V. Putin, therefore also supporting the position of their own president, Rеcep Erdogan. The opening of a new large mosque in Moscow also adds up to the positive opinion of Turkish users. A small part of users express distrust of the Russian president, mentioning his interview with CBS, which V. Putin gave shortly before his speech in the UN.

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