Greece – the finale: a new start or continuation of the unknown?

13:00 July 5. The forecast for #Greferendum based on 6-days data social media (1 887 553 messages 402 764 authors Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, G+, VK, blogs, comments on sites, forums): OXI — 53,7%, NAI — 46,3%.

Europe is worried about the #Greferendum is not less than Greece itself.
Today are most popular messages:

@msanchezvallejo: #Greferendum Mucha sorpresa entre los griegos por las fotos de mercados desabastecidos q aparecen en los medios. Total normalidad en tiendas
Retweets – 220, Favorites – 45

@OlivierDrot: Concerning #Greferendum (via @ANAPODOS2) #OXI
Retweets – 147, Favorites – 75

Διαδηλώσεις υπέρ του #OXI απο τον λαο σε όλο τον κόσμο. Οι άλλοι έχουν με το μέρος τους τραπεζίτες. #oxi2015
Retweets – 134, Favorites – 141


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