Referendum in Greece: OXI vs NAI


Forecast the reaction of the Greek users of social networks on the question of a referendum on July 5, “Should we accept a draft agreement proposed by the European Commission, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund June 25, 2015?”

During the period of June 28-30 collected and analyzed 268,234 public posts by 123,189 Greek’s authors (Twitter – 81,396 tweets, Facebook – 10,396 posts, GooglePlus – 1,926, YouTube – 1,112 and from 781 other sites, forums & blogs).

On 22:00 June 30 forecast:

  • “OXI” – “No” (don’t have to accept the draft agreement) – 61.4%
  • “NAI” – “Yes” (must accept) – 38.6%

On 18:00 June 30: “OXI” – 65.2%, “NAI” 34.8%

It is necessary to note the trend in the decline in the share “OXI” – immediately after the speech of the Prime Minister, the ratio was 75.1 / 24.9.

The referendum in Greece has caused a lot of interest in many countries. For example, the council of England, where the fall took another referendum – the separation of Scotland from the UK:
“How to answer the Greek question: Oxi, nein, non, no grazie, nao, nej, ei, ne, nee, neen, ni hea, nie, na, no, and for my Scots friends, naw” (

Today Greek’s social media popular words: tsipras – 74,840, greece – 44,497, grexit – 26,986, greferendum – 19,901, greececrisis – 12,448, eurozone – 10,851.

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