Research of Russian social media users opinion about the referendum in Crimea

96% of Russians support the results of the referendum in Crimea.

Here are the results of social media users’ opinion regarding the outcome of the referendum in Crimea that took place on March 16th, 2014

In short:

  • Support the results: 96%
  • Do not support the results: 4%

Research commenced at 22:00, March 16th and finished at 10:00, March 17th 2014. During this time, 188 874 messages by 104 965 Russian users were analyzed.

The vast majority of messages (96%) – is an expression of happiness of the Crimean referendum outcome. The main argument of users that support the results: the return of Crimea is a restoration of historical justice and unification of Russian people:

I am proud of my country.Welcome home, Crimea!
author: Оксана Еранцева | 17.03

This event is comparable with the destruction of the Berlin wall…history is in the making…Crimea, welcome home)
author: мать кузьмы | 17.03

Brothers and Sisters,Russians,today is a great day as a historical part of our country, Crimea, is back in the fold. This is the thing we will tell to our grandchildren.We lived during this time,we are proud to be Russian.
author: Владимир Бычинский | 17.03 

Congratulations! Welcome home, Crimea! #RussianSpring
author: Нейролог  | 16.03 

This went down in history. Our children and grandchildren will study it in TEXTBOOKS.
author: Vladimir Zuev | 16.03

4% of Russians do not support Crimea joining the state. Main argument of those in opposition – Crimea will become a subsidized region, threatening the social guarantees in other Russian regions. This is the opinion of 2,8% Russian social media users. In addition, 1,2% of authors are afraid that the joining of Crimea will be the cause of a new wave of terrorism in Russia.

I do not want to pay money for the fact that, Crimea, as well as Donetsk, Kharkov, Lugansk want to live in Russia. If Putin has spare money, he should spend it on developing the Sverdlovsk region, for example.
author: pikol | 16.03

With the joining of Crimea, Russia will merely get a second Chechnya.
автор: Виктор Т | 16.03

Messages of Russian social media users on the Crimean referendum were analyzed: public posts and blog comments (, and others), microblogs (, social networks (,,,,, etc.), forums, online-media comments (,,,, etc.). More than 275 756 of such messages by 153 249 authors were collected and analyzed. From the overall amount, only the opinions of users from Russia were used, which is 54,3%. Other than Russia, Russian-language messages about the referendum were detected in Ukraine, USA, Belarus, Germany, etc.

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